Monday Meal Prep, Dinner Plans and Cooking Shows

Monday, July 25 The bee sting I got yesterday feels much better today. It still itches like crazy and occasionally, I get a shooting pain but I’m so glad that the constant pain of yesterday is gone! Monday Meal Prep Yesterday, while Jason did the grocery shopping and before I was stung, I made theContinue reading “Monday Meal Prep, Dinner Plans and Cooking Shows”

Fighting Weight Gain and Hypoglycemic Attacks

Tuesday, July 12th It can be a vicious circle. You have pain that stops you from exercising and then you gain weight. In an attempt to loss the weight, you cut calories and then you have low blood sugar attacks. To stop the low blood sugar attacks (Hypoglycemia), you have to eat more. Then youContinue reading “Fighting Weight Gain and Hypoglycemic Attacks”

A Fun Saturday with Friends

Saturday, July 9th Saturday, we had planned to continue on the ice cream trail and our friends, Erum and Peter, were going to join us. Unfortunately, it ended up raining and since road trips are more fun in the sun, we decided to do something else! The Plan The plan was to have dinner atContinue reading “A Fun Saturday with Friends”

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